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SCYSA's Force program fields teams that participate in highly-competitive softball tournaments during the summer. Force provides a great opportunity for girls in the 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U divisions who love softball and would like to extend their skills beyond the spring season. While the Spring season emphasizes player development and having fun in a recreational league, the Force Program focuses on fielding more highly competitive teams while maintaining a balance with softball skill development, personal development and having fun.

2019 Force Registration (click here)

Registration is now open! Please click the link above to register by 4/19 so that we can coordinate tryout logistics and anticipate the number of teams we could field at each age level.

2019 Force - Important Information


To participate in the 2019 Summer Force Program, players will be required to attend an evaluation. The tentative evaluation schedule is as follows:

8U - Saturday, April 20th, 5:30pm (players should arrive no later than 5:15pm to check-in and confirm uniform sizes)

10U - Sunday, April 28th, 10am @ Flanagan (players should arrive by 9:45am to check-in)

12U/14U - Wednesday May 1st, 5pm (players should arrive by 4:45pm to check-in)

8U Make-up date - Sunday April 28th, 10am @ Flanagan

10U Make-up date - Wednesday May 1st, 5pm @ Flanagan

12U/14U players not able to attend their scheduled tryout on 5/1 should contact the Eric Madia at so that arrangements can be made to evaluate them separately.

Participation Fees and Uniforms

In an effort to keep annual registration costs as low as possible, the Force program will use the same jerseys, helmets, and bags as 2018. Players new to the program or needing to replace any of this equipment will pay an additional fee to cover the cost.

Base registration fee: $500 (8U) and $525 (10U and up)

The base registration fee includes a practice shirt, two pairs of Force socks, two pairs of pants (one black and one gray), and *NEW THIS YEAR* one Force Gameday Warm-Up Jacket! All players are required to use a Force issued helmet and Force black and gray jerseys (from 2018); replacements can be purchased at the below costs. Force bags are required for 10U and up and optional for 8U.

Force Helmet: $60

Force Bag: $85

Force Jerseys: $125 for two (one black, one gray)


Tentative game schedules for each age level are provided below. Should a second team be formed at any age level, that schedule may vary and will be determined in late April after teams have been formed. Practice schedules will be determined in late April. Each team will likely practice twice per week.

Players are expected to attend all practices and games and should communicate any conflicts to coaches early in the season. Playing time may be impacted for players that don't regularly attend practices.

2019 Force Schedule

Dates 8U (HC: Kei Yumiba) 10U (HC: Marc Pajarillo) 12U (HC: Stan Ramirez) 14U (HC: Eric Madia) Notes
May 24 - 26 San Carlos San Carlos San Carlos San Carlos MacPherson Tournament: Family volunteer requirement
May 31 - June 2 Millbrae Millbrae Millbrae -
June 7 - 9 Livermore Livermore Livermore USSSA South Bay
Jun 14 - 16 San Jose * - - Burlingame
June 21 - 23 NorCal Championships - San Jose/Sacramento -
June 28 - 30 - Norcal Championships - USSSA - TBD
July 5 - 7 Soquel * Pleasanton Pleasanton Pleasanton
July 12 - 14 San Diego (if qualify) San Diego (if qualify) - -
July 19 - 21 Rohnert Park (if no San Diego) North Lake Tahoe North Lake Tahoe North Lake Tahoe
* Team will play in either San Jose or Soquel, not both

SCYSA Summer Force Program Overview

The Force program for San Carlos Youth Softball is designed to field teams to participate in competitive ASA and/or USSSA softball tournaments throughout the summer season, which typically runs from late May through late July/early August. The summer program involves traveling to cities throughout the Bay Area (and beyond) and competing in our host tournament, the Jan Macpherson Tournament over the Memorial Day weekend. Highly competitive and successful teams have the privilege of representing their league and city in the ASA Regional Championships.

As with all SCYSA programs, the Force program focuses on developing both softball and life skills for the young women of our league. Particular emphasis is placed on sportsmanship and fair play through pursuing victory with honor. Success is measured not only with on-field results but in the lasting impression that our coaches and players make on each other and the other cities in which we compete, resulting in the continued participation of our players in SCYSA.

Goal: Establish teams at the 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U levels that compete in ASA and USSSA sanctioned tournaments during the summer softball season.

Participants: Teams will be formed from players that have participated in the SCYSA recreational leagues. Partnerships with other cities as well as inter-city and league transfers will be reviewed by the Force Committee and approved by the Board as needed.

Number of teams: The long term goal for the Force program is to field teams at each age level. In years where interest and registration is high, we will strive to field 2 (or more) teams at each age level. In years of lower interest or when there are not enough players to field reasonably competitive teams, then only one team at a given age level may be formed.

The Summer Force travel program is more competitive than the spring and fall recreational leagues, and there is no guarantee that all interested players will be placed on a team. While the league will make every effort to include as many interested young women as possible, emphasis will also be placed on ensuring the teams formed are able to reasonably compete and create a positive experience for all involved.

Team Formation: Team formation will be approved by the Board, after receiving recommendations submitted by the Force Committee, based on the performance of the players during the recreational league season and at one or more Force tryout/skills assessments. In forming the teams, consideration will be given to following:

  1. Establishing a highly competitive team at each age level

  2. Ensuring each additional team formed has the pitching and catching experience necessary to compete throughout the summer

  3. Giving proper consideration to not only the current season but future Force seasons so that the program can continually sustain momentum from year to year

  4. Adequate and experienced coaching for each team

  5. Feedback provided to the Force Committee by the prospective coaches

The specific procedure for team formation may vary slightly from year to year and division to division based on factors such as the number of registrants, age and abilities of the players, and ASA/USSSA level of play rules. In all cases, however, the above 5 factors will be the basis for team formation.

ASA/USSSA Level of Play: The level of play rules established by the governing bodies may change over time. Each year the Force Committee will review the level of play rules and modify this provision as necessary.

The first team formed at each age level will be designed to compete on the ASA circuit. Based on the assessment from the Force Committee and under the guidance of the SCYSA Board, the team will be registered as an ASA-B level or will request to be leveled as an ASA-C team through the governing body. Note that all teams are considered by ASA as an ASA-B team until otherwise approved by the ASA governing body. The second and any additional teams at the age level will complete as an ASA-C level team (pending ASA approval) and/or the USSSA tournament circuit.

In the event that ASA or other governing body rules require that a team be registered at a level above where the Force Committee and Board deem appropriate, the league will work with said governing body on an appeal process to ensure that the team is placed appropriately. The appeal process will begin as soon as the issue is identified, and the Committee and Board will do its best to ensure that the other teams at the age level are not impacted as a result of the appeal.

Coach Selection: Coaches for the Force program must be committed to the league mission of advancing the skills of our young women through a positive, character-building experience that results in better athletes and, more importantly, better people. Individuals interested in coaching a Force team should contact the Force Committee Chair or an SCYSA Board Member and may be asked to complete an application and/or participate in an interview process. Head coach selections will be presented to the Board by the Force Committee based on their experience and ability to develop our teams in a manner consistent with the league mission.  Roster selection will be independent of coach selection, but coaches may provide input regarding potential rosters. Coaches will select their team managers and assistant coaches with guidance and oversight from the Force Committee. All coaches and team managers must be ASA Certified and comply with all ASA and SCYSA requirements.

Participant Expectations: Teams will compete in up to six tournaments during the season, with the possibility of one or more additional tournaments should the team qualify for regionals. It is expected that players are available for all tournaments as these games are competitive in nature, and there is limited opportunity to pull in players from lower divisions. Should a family have a conflict with any weekend during the season, that should be disclosed in advance so that coaches have enough time to adjust the schedule and/or fill in the roster as needed. Games typically are played Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Tournaments are usually in the greater Bay Area, and teams may have the opportunity to travel to Central or Southern California or even out of state. Families should anticipate travel as part of the program and some travel may require overnight stays.

For our host tournament held over Memorial Day Weekend, it is expected that every family will volunteer to work shifts to help support the tournament. A sign-up sheet will be made available in advance of the tournament along with the volunteer requirement for each family. The MacPherson tournament provides essential revenue for the program to help keep registration costs down and fund equipment and other Force expenses. Your volunteerism is much appreciated!

In order to prepare for their upcoming games, most teams will practice at least twice during the week. Practices typically begin in early May. ASA-B level teams are permitted to start practices during the Spring season, and the league will help coordinate conflicts that may arise. Due to the competitive nature of these games, players should place a priority on attending softball practices.

There is no minimum playing time required for individual players. Coaches will be encouraged to find opportunities for all players to actively participate in games. Most tournaments are divided into pool play and bracket (elimination) play. For pool play, all players shall have an opportunity to participate both offensively and defensively. During elimination play, a greater emphasis is placed on winning, and coaches will be encouraged to give their team the best chance of winning and moving on to the next round. Note that during the summer season, there are critical situational roles for players including pinch-runner, designated player (“DP” - similar to a designated hitter in baseball), and Flex (designated fielder). For more information, see the Flex/DP summary posted on the Force section of the SCYSA website.

If you have questions, please contact the Force Program Coordinator, Eric Madia at

Relevant links: 

ASA Roadshow Presentation - a summary of rule changes and the ASA team level guidelines

DP / Flex Rule - an explanation



The 12U San Carlos Force Black team finished in 5th place at the Nor Cal Regional Qualifying tournament and earned a birth into the Cal State Games in San Diego July 13-15. The team performed admirably at the Championships and finished the season strong by winning the North Lake Tahoe tournament the following week. Way to go!!!


The 8U San Carlos Force Black team has had a tremendous season and earned a birth into the Cal State Games in San Diego July 13-15. Best of luck at the State Games and keeping making San Carlos proud!!!! Way to go ladies!